Soul Food Junkies – A Must See Documentary!

Happy 2013, Raw Raw Lovies!

Okay, I know I’m late in the well wishes and all. I KNOW it’s been more than 3 months since I’ve posted on here! You have to give me a break…pregnant people move a lot slower than most. LOL! The first six months have brought about a LOT of sleeping. Now that I have a little more pep, the videos (and other surprises) will resume on Monday! Until then, there’s another great video I want you to watch.

Soul Food Junkies

Click the pic to watch it on PBS!

Soul Food Junkies” is a BRILLIANT documentary that looks at how our love of southern cooking came about. And when I say “love”, I mean LOVE of fried chicken, BBQ ribs, mac & cheese, collards with hamhocks or turkey, sweet potato anything… I mean, some of these foods are absolute STAPLES in our households, am I right? Well, why is that? Where did it come from, why do we associate this food with love and family…and what happens if we turn away from it?

In the film, Byron Hurt (director, producer and writer) tracks his father’s life, death and addiction to soul food, and then asks how it affects our communities, our health and well being, and the future of our children. Now, when I say “our”, I mean that the documentary reviews it from the Black perspective. However, I truly think this is a movie for all to see. The phenomenon of southern cooking isn’t just in the African-American community, and the very real food issues the filmmaker comes across, such as peer pressure, “food deserts” in poorer communities, lack of acceptance to change within family units, the need to educate our children about fruits and vegetables, and addictions to fast/processed foods due to a lack of cooking in the home affects us all.

If you loved “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” and “Hungry For Change”, you’ll adore this movie. As a matter of fact, even if you DIDN’T see those food documentaries, take an hour to watch this amazing film, Soul Food Junkies, and then tell your friends and family to watch it, too. It streams on until January 22nd!

Back with more goodies beginning Monday, lovies. -C-

7 thoughts on “Soul Food Junkies – A Must See Documentary!

  1. Wow, I really wanted to watch Soul Food Junkies, but I’m on the 4th of 30 days of juicing, and the pictures of the food was too much. Maybe by day 15 or 20 I’ll be strong enough to not lick my screen when the images of fried chicken and collard greens are shown.

  2. I saw your post on this on Facebook and was so grateful. I’ve taken one of your suggestions from a previous video you did about using documentaries like Hungry for Change, Food Matters, Forks Over Knives for motivation when it gets rough. I have since purchased all of them including Food, Inc and May I Be Frank (my favorite). I watched as much Soul Food Junkies as they would allow and can’t wait to watch the rest after it’s released. Thank you so much for keeping us informed.

  3. Hey! Im new to juicing and one thing I figured out is…I dislike the froth with a passion. The texture just grosses me out, but what I use to help with that is that I use a gravy pourer to seperate them! I thought you would like this and just might pass it on! You’ve inspired me to be adventerous with my flavors. Thanks!

  4. I am so happy God lead me to your YouTube vids because i am so excited and a little scared on starting my very first juice/smoothie journey for 30days on Monday of next week. I have been very heavy all my life at 254lbs and 5’3 only 24 i feel sick almost everyday and in pain. i visit my doc and told what her my plans and she took blood test for a clear ok. I just wanted to say think you so much and may God bless you!!!

  5. very good movie! Thanks for the recommendation, Carla. I think the filmmaker did a great job of presenting all facets of this very complicated issue. I have been in the process of changing my diet over this past year and am currently doing a 60-day juice fast. (Today is Day 2) One of the hardest things has been dealing with my family, in particular, and explaining why I’ve switched to a mostly vegan diet over this past year. One sister in particular is constantly trying to get me to eat meat and cheeses, which SHE loves. I’m from New Orleans, and you know we are serious about some food down there! So, many people in my family are pretty food-obsessed. But, we are fortunate to have good health and longevity, no diabetes, but both my parents have high blood pressure now (in their 80s). My goal at the beginning of last year was to lose weight and get my cholesterol to a normal range and get off of statin drugs. I succeeded in losing 30 pounds, lowering my cholesterol and getting off the statins! This year, my goal is to lose the remaining 45 pounds and stay off medicines while improving my thyroid function. It has been a challenging, but rewarding journey! Gradually, I’m getting more and more comfortable with my new choices and finding ways to incorporate them into my culture and create new traditions that align with my commitment to my own health.

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