The Best Exercise While Juicing

Boy, do I have a story to tell y’all… but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow’s video to hear it all. :) In the meantime, let me tell you a semi-brief anecdote to explain why I believe walking is the hands down best exercise to engage in while juicing.

August was an INCREDIBLY hard month for me. It seemed as if all my get-up-and-go got up and left me. I began my Bikram challenge, but crapped out after the 10th day. I was ridiculously emotional, tired, irritable, sad… I had not frickin’ clue what was happening to little ol’ me! This is when I decided to go on hiatus – I stopped everything, shut off the phone, turned off the computer, ignored all emails, texts and Facebook comments. I needed to reset. 

For the first week of my hiatus, I laid in bed curled up in the fetal position. Well, that didn’t really help much… aside from finally getting all the sleep I think my body needed, I was still wrestling with my crap. So, one day, I started walking. Nothing major, no power walking or anything… just a simple, easy stroll around my neighborhood. 

Being the Type-A Virgo that y’all know I am, the desire to take my iPhone pedometer app, music and hand-weights was huge, but I fought it back like a champ. I knew that if I was going to get in touch with whatever the peckinpaw was going on with me, I would need to be silent. So I laced up my sneakers and left the house. No music, no phone, no nothing. Just me, the wind, the sun, and the pavement. I didn’t track the time… I just walked and listened to my head and my heart.

Eureka. Houston, we have achieved clarity. 

I began doing this every day. Not because I wanted to win some race or put myself through some challenge, but because I realized how long it had been since I just stopped to think. I have been exercising in one form or another for years, but I can honestly say that I have never done it without some outside influence or distraction. There has always been a trainer yelling, some music pumping, a friend chatting, a yoga instructor instructing… SOMETHING outside of myself and my own thoughts happening to take me out of my head. Now, there was nothing but the sound of my own footsteps and breathing, and I could finally hear what was happening with me… fully and completely. 

This is why I say that walking is the best exercise when you are juicing.

Many of us have a variety of reasons for getting into juicing (whether doing an all-out cleanse or just adding a juice or two to our daily meal plan). No matter who you are, though, I will bet you dimes to dragonfruit that as you progress in your juicing plan, those emotions start kicking up and kicking YOU in the chest. The temptation to bear down on them and stomp them out with the nearest Twix bar can be a bit overwhelming at times, ain’t it? We don’t WANT to hear what’s happening inside. We don’t WANT to face our fears, our demons, our scary monsters in the closet. But if we do not, how will we ever get past them? How will we exorcise the demon if we continue to ignore it? 

When you walk without distraction – be it for 10 minutes or 90 – you can listen to yourself. You can be out there crying, screaming (well, maybe not too loud on that front as not to alarm random passersby), talking to yourself… you can do it all. Most of all, you can BREATHE through it, and the breathing only helps as you’re moving your body. There’s nothing to take your mind away from how you feel, and that is a good thing. Use the time as your walking to process. Make it your time in the day to be with YOU and only you so you can process through the inevitable emotional stuff that comes up during a cleanse. 

That’s what came out of my time away. Well, there’s something else, too… but for that, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow’s video. 

3 thoughts on “The Best Exercise While Juicing

  1. That’s why it’s such a crime that we have entire cities in this country that are not pedestrian-friendly! I’m currently staying in a major city with very few sidewalks. Even catching the bus can be dangerous because you have to wait on the side of the road.

  2. I love walking and running. It’s like taking a break from the constant bombardment that modern life gives us. It’s great just to take a walk also, not for exercise but just to walk around and see what’s going on. Our bodies were designed to move after all and so much of modern life is done sitting. I often envy people with physical jobs because they are being paid to move. My job involves sitting at a desk which is a shame but at least I get to help people and can always take a walk in my break.

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