Juice Fasting – How Much Juice Should I Drink Daily?

I know I have done a blog post about this already, but it obviously bears repeating! People keep asking me if it’s okay to drink LESS than 64 ounces a day. Here’s what I have to say to that.

If you remember one thing from this video, it’s this: DRINK EARLY AND DRINK OFTEN.

10 thoughts on “Juice Fasting – How Much Juice Should I Drink Daily?

  1. carla, first thanks!
    what is your opinion regarding drinking coconut water and green tea during the day?

  2. If I am using a nutribullet, is it OK not to strain the contents and to drink it as is during the fast?

      • Is there a juicer that you recommend? The ones I had in the past were awful to clean and I was wondering if you have one that is easier. Thank you. I also want to tell you that I enjoy watching and listening to your posts. You are so positive and motivating!

      • I always recommend a Breville Juice Fountain to beginning juicers. While folks say masticating juicers are best, they take a REALLY long time to juice, and beginners might lose patience with the process. Breville’s are great – easy to clean, easy to take apart, and really quick to juice. Plus, they’re inexpensive! Here’s a link to a Juice Fountain on Amazon: http://amzn.to/18guyUL

  3. How much water or other fluids should I consume in addition to the 64 oz of juice? Sorry if this is answered in another post.

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