2014: 365 Days Raw

YOU: “WHAT?!?!?!”
ME: “Yup.”
YOU: “Have you flipped your lid?”
ME: “Nope.”
YOU: “Won’t it be HARD, Carla? Didn’t you just talk about letting go of perfectionist tendencies?”
ME: “Nope and yup. Shall I explain?”
YOU: “You’d better, woman!”

Fruit and Veggie Color Blend

I swear, y’all…I haven’t gone crazy. This is not me going crazy; on the contrary. This is me getting really, really sane. 

In the past, I have taken on more than I can chew. I’m a driven perfectionist, and I’ve always believed in going all out for my desired goal, only to fall short because I piled on too much to manage. This is me gettin’ all new and stuff, folks! I have decided to go raw and ONLY raw for 365 days. Not raw AND a new exercise regimen. Not raw AND oil pulling, hot yoga and acupuncture. Not raw AND yadda yadda yadda. Just plain ‘ol raw. 

The point is to do it until it’s done. All year, no excuses. However, this isn’t about excuses – it’s an exercise in possibilities. What’s POSSIBLE for me on raw? What is my body going to feel like? How is my health going to change? What will my skin feel and look like? How will my body regenerate? What can happen if I really and truly do it all the way? 

That’s what I’m ready to discover. The only way to find out is to put on the blinders and step forward, one banana (or cucumber or juice or salad) at a time. 

Now, we have all had successes and failures in the past. The only true “failure”, however, is not learning from past mistakes. Knowing that, I realize I have some hangups around weight loss. For example…I get funky around the scale. I let it take my power, change my mood and shift my focus. I have thought over the past two years of weight loss/healthy lifestyle efforts and have seen it screw me each and every time. So, this year, I’ve decided NOT to look at the scale. No scale, no measurements, no pictures…at least, none that I see until December 31st. I’ve asked someone to partner with me and take a picture of my progress on a monthly basis. I’ll also stand on the scale and have her document the number while I clasp my hands tightly over my face. I don’t WANT to do this, honestly. I would prefer to just focus on the action and not obsess over the results. However, I am doing this for y’all. I mean, it’s for me as well, but it’s really for those people who need the visual and proof of how veggies can really change the body. After the year is over, I will do a montage of the photos to show the overall progress. Until then…I’ll just have to see the difference in the jeans. 

Here’s what I know for sure: I am ready to make it all really, really simple and take my health to a whole new level. I am ready to embrace the LIFESTYLE, not just focus on the scale’s number getting smaller. I was reading the Plant-Based Benefits page on my blog and realized that’s exactly how I want to feel all the time. Also, raw isn’t as hard as people make it out to be, and for a new mother, it is INFINITELY simpler than chopping and preparing cooked meals. The “grab-and-go” factor is so damned appealing, and even more than that is the possibility of what can be. In order to get that, I have to do the thing. 

So…here we go! Into the raw raw yonder! 

Now that y’all know what’s going on over here, what are YOU doing to take your health to a new level in 2014? 

15 thoughts on “2014: 365 Days Raw

  1. I would love to go completely raw & give up weighing myself daily. I was going to start the Daniel Fast on 1/5 for 21 days. It is similiar ti raw. I have to do something. I am 55 & 60 lbs overweight. I am claiming 2014 will be my year to lose the weight & get healthy!

  2. Thanks Carla for your post. You are off to a great start into the new year. I have decided like you to not go at things in my old ways but to try something new. I have made three life style change commitments that I will share with you for 2014. First I have decided that it’s time for me to be a producer of goods and services and not just a consumer. Secondly, I will complete a 26 mile marathon before the end of 2014 and lastly I will focus on a healthy life style change resulting in me filling good both inside and out. These are those “Big Rocks” in my life that I need to figure out how to chisel them down so that I can carry them off. However, my goal for today is to sit and reflect on the “small rocks” in my pile (that I need to create) and how I will celebrate small accomplishments in addition to the big ones in 2014. Carla keep us motivated and keep us posted. 2014 is going to be great for ALL of us and I can feel it already! Linda,

  3. I’m with you Carla! I’ve been juicing for the past few years and love it. But recently I’ve been getting into smoothies and eating fruits. A friend of mine, who just turned 49, runs 100 milers several times a year. She was vegan for a long time and just switched to fruitarian at the beginning of 2013. She says her energy is through the roof! I won’t go completely all fruit, but I will make it a majority of my eating along with fresh raw veggies and great smoothies. I will do this until my next deployment this summer and then jump back into raw eating when I return.
    Good Luck! I’ll be cheering for you all the way!

  4. In the book, “The ONE Thing” by Gary Keller, he asks, “What’s the ONE Thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?” Perhaps RAW is your “one thing.” I wish you well Carla!

  5. I am with you girl. I have dipped and dabbed in this too long and only fooled myself . I’m ready to right now.

  6. Happy New Year! I’m feeling you! I’m doing the same with 365 days of eating plant based (cooked, raw, juicing, fruits and veggies) . No excuses! Not giving myself a “way out”! The days are gone of being hard on myself because I didn’t make it thru the 60 day juice fast or didn’t make it the entire 28 days raw…this time! No pressure, just plant based! I can do quite a few juice fasts during the year for as long as I choose. I can do raw as long as I choose. I can have fruit only days as long as I choose. It’s ALL good! Beloved, be blessed and I look forward to checking in on you!

  7. I would love to not tethered to my scale, but think that I can only focus on 1 thing at a time. I like the challenge of being completely raw, but for the next 4 weeks, I think I can totally commit to raw 5 days a week. I too want to find out how my body can rejuvenate itself when it receives whole, plant foods.

  8. Happy New Year 2014, I have spent the 2013 with a medical condition that started on April 1 “Aprils Fools Day” that lead me to a surgery on Nov 7.The whole year was painful and medicated. I have made the decision of NO More. I’m done. I have to change my life style in order to live. Prior to 2013, I poured and pushed so much onto myself that I lost my self along the way. Well no more, now I am taking my life back. I am starting a relationship this year a relationship with myself. I am going to learn what I like, what I don’t like, and teach myself how to do it Healthy. I will be starting my Fast with juicing and take it as far as possible. Do I expect it to be easy No, Do I expect me to be perfect at it No , Do I think I can eventually get to where I want to be Health wise YES. I have to because the alternative is not an option. I am 52 years young and at 5’2′ quite the shorty LOL and I am starting at 220 lbs. I use to call myself “Biggy Smalls”. Well that’s over too. No more am I going to look at myself as a joke or in a derogatory manner. I am going to learn in my new relationship to be motivational to myself, to be patient with myself, and to be caring of myself. But most of all to Love myself. All the things I do for everyone other than myself. 2014 is my year of Tina ;)
    and I Love It…I will be starting my physical therapy and will need all the energy that raw juice can give me. I will be trading pain medication for vitamins, nutrients, and omega oils. I am Ready, Willing, and Able to do this with my support team, Videos, Books, Websites, organic produce and wash for when organic isn’t an option, veggie bags to help my veggies and fruit stay fresher longer “not that I expect them to be lingering around”. I wish everyone the Best and may your Health and Life Prosper in this Blessed Year of 2014.

  9. Carla,
    I absolutely love the approach you have taken with this. I think we as women focus entirely too much on “the scale”. It was my goal to be totally raw in 2014, and already I had made excuses in my head as to why it wouldn’t work and who wouldn’t get it. Thank you for this post, as I’m GOING to do this and this is the motivation I needed. Would love to swap recipes, tips, carrot sticks.. You name it.. Let’s motivate each other. Blessing to you


    • I think we ALL have those underlying doubts about the path we want to take. However, those thoughts are just that…THOUGHTS. The ACTION you take is what counts. Once you set your sight on your goal, do everything – EVERYTHING – you can to make it happen and don’t let yourself get distracted. You got this, honey!

  10. Hi,
    I wanted to ask how long you have to wait between juice fasts? I am just finishing a 40 day juice fast….which I am not ready to finish, but have to as we have a vacation planned where it won’t be possible (I didn’t think i’d want to keep going) and I really want to do a 90 day because I feel so good. I will be away for a month and will be able to eat raw vegan. Can I start my 90 day straight after or is it too soon? 28 days in between…..
    I can’t find any info on this.
    Thanks for your advice

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