Here It Is! The Natural Products Video!

After the Baggy Skin video, I got SOOOOOOO many questions!

“What is black soap?!?!?!”
“Where can I buy those products you talked about?”
“Can I really use that for my skin?”
“What brands do you recommend?”

Well, here’s the response to those questions… The Natural Products Video! And here are the links to the products I mention:

1. Nutiva coconut oil (15 oz tub)
2. Crystal Rock deodorant
3. African shea butter
4. Dr. Woods liquid black soap
5. Nubian Heritage black soap (bar)
6. Nubian Heritage black soap body wash (a great add with the bar soap!)
7. Tooth Soap (peppermint flavor!)

Love your skin! Love your body!

Juice Fasting and Baggy Skin

Does juicing for weight loss automatically equal baggy skin?


This goes back to that conversation about juicing NOT being a diet… which I think I’m going to have to do another video about. On a traditional diet, you may not get all the nutrients you need, and your skin’s elasticity will reflect that. However, when you’re juicing, your skin is literally screaming “HALLELUJAH! NUTRIENTS!” and rejoicing at the fact that you are mainlining spinach on a daily basis.

Yes, your skin screams hallelujah. Have some juice and then take a listen.

Now, are there other things you can do to ensure your skin stays gaw-jus? Absolutely! Let’s talk about how to keep your skin tight and firm while shedding the pounds.


Start Where You Are

Today. Start TODAY. I know you want to wait until Monday – but no. Start today with whatever you have, right where you are.

I am a reformed “When This, Then That” girl. I had lived my life that way for years. When the conditions, the money, the time… my body, my mind, my credit, my health… when ALL of those things are perfect, THEN I’ll [insert goal here].

No more. I see now how time goes by so quickly, and conditions are never so-called “PERFECT”. Actually, the trippy thing is that they are ALWAYS perfect. Right now, today, is the perfect time to change your life. It’s the perfect moment to choose to get healthier, to choose to exercise, to choose to be happy, to start a business, go on travel, cut all your hair off… anything you want!

Okay, the cutting all your hair off thing may be me interjecting on ya, but you get where I’m comin’ from.

So, for those who want all the conditions to be perfect before they start juicing, chuck that notion out the window with a hearty “CHUCK” and start today. Right now, today.

You can do it!